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Buntautuk Shivago Komarpaj Nuat Boran

~We accept Professional Referrals for Couples in Therapy~
~Please ask your Professional Therapist about KTM~

Karina Thai Massage
The Kari Show!
Excellent Massage for Couples!
~Couples .Each.One.Teach.One. with Kari~
~Couples Thai for Two with Kari~
Excellent Massage for Singles!
~Singles Table for One with Kari~
~Singles Thai Style Deep Tissue with Kari~

~San Francisco-Outdoor Sessions-Santa Cruz~
~Santa Clara-Office Visits-San Mateo~

Online Scheduling

Packages and Gift Certificates

  • KTM New Clients DEPOSIT $28
    New client/No Groupon?
    Save $$$ purchase this deposit.
    Please send us an email with your general open late schedule.
    Please include your phone # and the latest time we can text you
    We almost always book in advance, please expect long lines.
  • KTM 30min Head, Shoulders, Neck, Feet $28
    ...Thai Style Deep Tissue offers the dynamic movement and loving pointwork of Thai Massage blended with the slow, careful detail of deep tissue massage, just the way you like it...